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Upper Providence Police Department

Chief David Montella

Phone : (non emergency) 610.566.8445



Child Passager Safety Seat Instruction and Safety Check

The Police Department is now able to assist residents with instruction on how to properly install child safety seats.  They will also provide inspections to make certain that the seats are properly installed by you should you have any doubts.  Due to the time necessary to perform this service, please set up an appointment by contacting Corporal George Moore at 610-566-8445-ext. 339. 

Seeking Youth Aid Panel Volunteers

This program is run by the Center for Resolutions and is looking for parent/adult community volunteers in the township.  This panel provides an alternative means for first time juvenile offenders at the discretion of an arresting police officer.  Please consider volunteering  click for complete details and how to apply 

How do I contact the Upper Providence Twp. Police Department?

You can contact the Upper Providence Township Police Department during working hours (8:30am to 4:30pm) with general questions at 610-566-8445. If you need to see an officer or wish to report an incident, call 911. The 911 system is utilized for emergency and non-emergency purposes.

When should 911 be used?

You can call 911 anytime you need an officer. If you have been bitten by an animal. 

What is required to be on a vehicle that is parked in a handicapped space?

A handicapped placard or a handicapped registration is required on vehicles parked in designated handicapped spaces.

How do I get a handicapped placard?

Handicapped placard applications are obtained through PennDot. The easiest way to obtain a handicapped placard is to download the application on line. click here Once you have the application, both you and your doctor must complete the application. After it is completed, submit it to PennDot for review. You should receive a handicapped placard within 2 weeks of submission to PennDot.

What designates a handicapped parking space?

Handicapped spaces are designated by blue painted stripes on the ground as well as posted handicapped signs.

Are weapons such as air guns and paintball guns permitted in the Township?

No. The discharge of weapons is not permitted in Upper Providence Township. (Per Ordinance 694.01)

Are fireworks permitted in Upper Providence Township?

No. Fireworks are prohibited pursuant to state law.

Is there a curfew in Upper Providence Township?

Yes. Pursuant to Township Code, ( Chapter 660), Minors (under age 18) are not permitted upon any street, highway, alley, park or public place within the Township between 10:00pm and 5:00am, Monday through Thursday and 11:00pm to 5:00 am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When is one required to report an accident to the police?

We recommended that you report all accidents to the police department. In most cases your insurance company will require you to file a police report if you intend to file an insurance claim. By law, you must report an accident to the police if one or more vehicles involved in an accident cannot be driven from the scene because of vehicular damage, if the accident involves injury or damage to unattended vehicles or property.

How do I obtain a copy of an accident report and what is the cost?

(2011)Accident reports can be picked up at the police station between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. The cost of an accident report is $15.00.

When a parking ticket is issued, how should it be paid?

Parking tickets must be paid within 48 hours of issuance. Tickets may be paid at the police station between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday or they can be mailed to 935 N. Providence Road, Media Pa 19063. Failure to respond to a parking ticket will result in the issuance of a state citation.

Does the Township require a permit when someone is selling door to door?

Solicitation does require a permit. Applications are available on the township website or at the township building.  Any questions or concerns please contact the Police Department or the Code Enforcement Officer. 

Is an alarm registration required in Upper Providence Township? If so, how do I obtain one and what does it cost?

(2011)Yes. All alarms are required to be registered and they must perform within the standards set forth in the Township Code (Chapter 1440). A fee of $35.00 is required when the alarm application is submitted. Alarm applications may be picked up at the police station or can be downloaded from the Township website.

Is there a penalty for repeated false alarm activations?

Yes. Repeated false burglary alarm activations have the following penalties:
1. First and second alarm activations per calendar year, a warning.
2. Third, fourth and fifth alarm per calendar year, a $25.00 fine for each violation.
3. Sixth and subsequent alarm per calendar year, a $100.00 fine for each violation.

Click for more detail on Aggressive Drives!

It's not about writing tickets - it's about saving lives!

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  • ICE on Your Cell Phone
  • Be advised that law enforcement officers will check your cell phone for ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts if you are unable to provide the information in an emergency situation. Please take the time to enter this information so that your contacts can be reached at a time of crisis.
  • National Scams

The Police Department

David Montella Chief
Rose Marie Haley Administrative Assistant
Michael Langdale Detective Sergeant
William Haines Sergeant
Larry Baker Corporal
Gary Essaf Corporal
George Moore Corporal
Doug Lappin Corporal
Fred Mason Patrolman
Greg Woodrow Patrolman
Pat Reynolds Patrolman
Ryan Jackson Patrolman
Kevin Roman Patrolman
Michael Habel Patrolman
Scott Ely, Jr. Patrolman
Christopher Eller-Naegele Patrolman