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Both Reorganization and Regular Council Meeting Agendas are posted /scroll down to view

Upper Providence Township

Reorganization Meeting and Business Meeting

January 5, 2015  

8:00 P.M.


PUBLIC FORUM – (Reorganization agenda items only)

1. Installation of Elected Officials
2. Call to Order
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Roll Call
5. Organization

5.1 Election of Temporary Chairman
5.2 Election of Council Chairman
5.3 Election of Council Vice Chairman
5.4 Resolution No. 2015-1 Council Meeting Rules and Procedures
5.5 Resolution No. 2015-2 Appointment of Secretary-Treasurer/Resolution for bonding
5.6 Appointment of Township Solicitor
5.7 Appointment of Township Engineer
5.8 Resolution No. 2015-3 Council Administrative Committee Appointments
5.9 Appointment of Code Enforcement and Building Code Official and Zoning Officer

5.10 Resolution 2015-4 Chief Administrative Officer
5.11 Appointment of Township Staff

5.12 Appointment of Additional Township Officers
      a. Building Inspector(s)
      b. Alternate UCC Inspector
      c. Building Code Official
      d. Use and Occupancy and Apartment Inspector
      e. Plumbing Inspector
      f. Mechanical Inspector
      g. Electrical Inspector
      h. Sewage Enforcement Officers(s)
      i. Fire Marshal
      j. Emergency Management Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator
      k. Animal Control Officer
5.13 Appointment of other Counsel
      a. Ethics Commission
      b. Zoning Hearing Board
      c. Special Hearings
      d. Special Counsel Union Issues
5.14 Appointment of Civil Defense Director
5.15 Appointment of Auditor
5.16 Appointment of Actuary – Pension Funds
5.17 Resolution No. 2015-4 Depository for Township Funds for 2015
5.18 Appointment of Tax Collection Agency

Upper Providence TOwnship
Regular Council Meeting
January 5, 2015
(Immediately following Reorganization Meeting)

1.  Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
4. Awards, Presentations and Announcements

    Recognition of Planning Commission Member

5. Public Forum
6. Approval of Minutes

6.1 Approval of the December 11, 2014 Regular Council Business Meeting Minutes

7. Municipal Boards, Authorities, Commissions & Committees
   a.  Sewer Authority - 1 reappointment, 1 replacement (must be from 1st District)
   b. Zoning Hearing Board - 2 reappointments
   c. Planning Commission - 1 reappointment, 1 replacement (from the 4th District)
   d. Recreation Board
   e. Environmental Commission - 1 replacement - (must be from the 3rd District)
    f. Ethics Commission
   g. Select Committees - Workplace Safety Committee - 1 appointment

8. Zoning, Subdivision and Land Development

9. Unfinished Business
9.1 Ordinance Tax Levy 2015 - 2nd Reading

10. New Business
10.1 Voucher List for December 2014
10.2 Resolution No. 2015-6 - Appt. to Permanent Corporal
10.3 Resolution No. 2015-7 - Appt. Part Time Police Officer
10.4 DCTMA Matching Funds Grant Application

11. Council's Administrative Reports
12. Adjournment
13. Executive Session - Personnel and Litigation




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