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Upper Providence Township

Planning Commission

                                                                                                                                                          Regular Meeting

July 22, 2014



The Upper Providence Township Planning Commission held its regular monthly business meeting on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 in the Township Council Room. Chairman James Martin called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.  The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  PC members present were Mr. James Martin, Mr. Michael Crotty, Mr. James Heller and Dr. David Thomas.   Also present were:  Mr. James P. Kelly - Planning Commission Engineer, Robert F. Pappano – Planning Commission Solicitor and Mr. Gregory Lebold–Township Manager.


Approval of Minutes


Dr. Thomas made a motion seconded by Mr. Crotty to approve the minutes of June 24, 2014


Mr. Crotty – Yes                                                    Mr. Martin - Yes                       

Mr. Heller - abstain                                                            

Dr. Thomas – Yes                                                                


Motion passed,

3 – 0, with one abstention


Public Comments and Questions






Mr. Lebold informed the Board that a resident from the 1st District has expressed interest in being appointed to the Planning Commission. The resident informed Mr. Lebold via email that he would be submitting a letter of interest and his resume for Council to review for consideration to be appointed to the Planning Commission.


Old Business


Preliminary/Final Land Development Application for the Delaware County SPCA – 555 Sandy Bank Road 


Mr. Robert Linn, RA addressed the planners on behalf of the applicant, Delaware County SPCA. Mr. Linn reintroduced the proposed development, wherein the applicant proposes to construct new accessory structures and additions and alterations to the existing main building.  This is the 2nd appearance before the Planning Commission by the applicant; first appearance was as a Sketch Plan. The applicant has also appeared before the Township Zoning Hearing Board for a variance request to increase the maximum allowable impervious coverage and a special exception to expand a non-conforming use, which was granted by the Zoning Hearing Board at their May 28, 2014 meeting.  Mr. Linn reviewed and responded to each of the 2nd Plan Review comments, dated July 18, 2014 prepared by the Township Engineer.


Mr. Linn also reviewed the requested waiver, elaborating on the need for the waivers to be granted as follows:


  • Section 1226.0(b)2.B: to forego the Preliminary Application for a major subdivision, as the plans submitted are in a Final Plan format. This was done to expedite the review and approval process.


Mr. Linn also discussed the Subdivision and Land Development plan review comments, noting each comment and the action that has been completed. Items that remain to be addressed were briefly discussed and Mr. Linn informed the Board that he would meet with Mr. Kelly to review issues that are included in the plan review.


Mr. Linn also informed the Board that he is working with Mr. Lebold and Mr. Stephen Polaha, Esq., the Zoning Hearing Board solicitor regarding the phasing of the project and to clarify that the approval will not be time sensitive, requiring the applicant to appear again before the Zoning Hearing Board or Planning Commission due to the time restraints noted in the MPC.  However, Mr. Linn also noted that should funding become available to expedite the project, the time restraint would not be applicable.


Mr. Linn then introduced an associate from his office, Adam Powell, P.E., who then reviewed the storm water management improvements that are proposed. Mr. Powell elaborated on the drainage areas, which are largely off site, with runoff from Dash Avenue flowing onto the SPCA property. Mr. Powell noted that project addresses the offsite drainage issue and the design of the stormwater management facilities will mitigate the erosion and excessive runoff onto and through the SPCA property.


The Board then proceeded to question Mr. Linn upon the conclusion of his presentation. Mr. Crotty remarked that the rendering of the proposed Service Building, a detached accessory structure which will be situated behind the existing main building, has an appearance as a residential structure. Mr. Crotty complimented Mr. Linn in his efforts to ensure the appearance of the facility is residential in nature.


Dr. Thomas asked what the distance was from the existing building to the proposed Service building, which Mr. Linn scaled from the plans to be approximately 20 feet.


After verifying with the other members of the Board that they had no further questions of Mr. Linn, Mr. Martin opened the floor to public comments.


After verifying that there was no participation, Mr. Martin closed the Public Portion of the meeting.


Mr. Crotty made a motion, seconded by Dr. Thomas to recommend approval of the Preliminary/Final Land Development application for the Delaware County SPCA, plans prepared by Linn Architects dated June 24, 2014 subject to compliance with the Township Engineer’s review letter dated July 18, 2014 and that the waiver request to forego the Preliminary Application for Land Development Application, as the plans submitted are in a Final Plan format.


Mr. Crotty – Yes                                                     Mr. Heller – Yes

Mr. Maylish – Yes*                                                Dr. Thomas – Yes

Mr. Martin – Yes


Motion passed



*Mr. Maylish arrived after the roll call for the opening of the meeting, but was present for the presentation of the SPCA project.


New Business






With no further business to conduct, Chairman Martin asked for a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Heller made a motion seconded by Mr. Crotty, and by unanimous voice vote, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.


Submitted by:





Gregory C. Lebold

Township Manager





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