Ethics Commission


Ethics Commission meets on an as needed basis.


  • Mary Ann Clifford, 1st District
  • Liz Meckes, 2nd District
  • Starla Crandle, 3rd District

  • Julie McVoy, 4th District
  • Brian Eury, Ph.D., 5th District

The Code of Ethics Commission shall be a permanent body, consisting of one registered elector from each voting district, appointed by the Township Council to serve on said Commission for a period of two years. Commission members shall be appointed simultaneously and may not serve more than one term consecutively.

The function of said Commission shall be the confidential investigation of the facts surrounding any allegations pertaining to the violation of the Code of Ethics. No investigation shall commence until said allegations are submitted to the Commission in writing. Under appropriate circumstances, Council may direct said Committee to investigate violations of the Code of Ethics.

The Commission shall be required to notify by certified mail, return receipt requested, any person alleged to be in violation of the Code of Ethics of the nature of the charges against him. Further, the Commission shall afford said person notice of hearings and an opportunity to be heard and present witnesses on his behalf.

The Commission shall be required to report their fact findings to the Township Council within a reasonable period of time at a public meeting and said report shall be made a part of the Minutes of the Township Council.