Building Permit Instructions


*Note - This is the Building Permit Only - Most Building Permits will need to be accompanied with other associated permits - such as Mechanical, Electrical and/or plumbing.  These permit applications can be found under Services - Permits and Applications on the drop down menu* 


Site Plan

A Site Plan of the property, which includes the following information:
  • Zoning set back lines
  • Length and bearing of each property line
  • Total tract area
  • Right-of-way, floodplain, and/or easement lines and dimensions
  • Physical features within the property such as catch basins, utility structures, streams, accessory buildings, parking areas and driveways
  • Contour lines for steeply sloped lots or spot elevations for level lots
  • Location of existing and alternate on-site sanitary sewerage facilities and wells - This information should be obtained from the approved Sewerage Permit.
  • Location, outline and size of all existing structures and the proposed structure(s) for which the Building Permit is requested

Construction Documents

Three sets of construction documents prepared by a registered architect or professional engineer, which includes the following information:

  • Depth of footing/foundation system, final grades in relation to foundation wall system, floor to ceiling heights and overall height of the proposed structure(s)
  • Materials and dimensions of footings, foundation walls, sill plates, anchorage, framing, furring, sheathing, insulation, parging, dampproofing or waterproofing, and roofing systems
  • Structural elements, including the size, material, direction and location of all beams, girders, columns, lintels, joists, rafters, studding, furring, and any required finishes and bracing
  • Location of HVAC equipment, fireplaces and mechanical ventilation equipment

Special Structures

Special structures and unusual conditions may require additional information. The applicant should consult with the Code Official for a list of information that may be required.

Permit Fees

Applicable Permit fees are to be included with the submission of the Permit Application.


All commercial contractors are required to be registered with the Township.  All other contractors must provide their Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor Registration number.


Applications properly completed and received will be reviewed in the order that they are received. If approved, a set of the construction documents will be returned with the Permit noting changes or modifications required by the Township Code and the Inspection requirements.


Although the Building Inspector may make unannounced, periodic inspections, the following inspections are required and are the applicant's responsibility to verify that the required inspections have been conducted and approved:


After preparation and prior to the placement of concrete


Prior to backfilling, after waterproofing and/or dampproofing is applied and after first floor deck framing is completed


Before insulation is installed and after the rough plumbing, mechanical and electrical work has been inspected and approved


After construction is completed and prior to use, after the final plumbing, mechanical and electrical work has been inspected and approved

By calling to schedule an appointment for the required inspections you will help keep your construction work on schedule. A minimum of 24-hour notice is required for all inspection, a minimum of 72 hour notice is required for all final inspections.