Zoning Hearing Board

Application Fee

Each application to the Zoning Hearing Board of Upper Providence Township shall be accompanied by an application fee of $1,000 for Residential applications & $1,500 for Non-Residential. An initial escrow deposit of $1,000, payable to the Township of Upper Providence, shall also be submitted along with any application against which will be assessed the incurred cost for:

  • Legally required advertising.
  • Postage of Notification Letters
  • Stenographer's appearance fee shared equally with the Township. The Applicants' share of this fee will be divided equally among the applicants.
  • Stenographer's transcription costs, where a transcription of the Notes of Testimony is requested by the Applicant or if the Applicant appeals the decision of the Board.

Additional Deposits

If it should be determined that the costs that can be assessed will exceed the Applicant's deposited amount; a further deposit shall be required to defray reasonable costs.


 Upon final determination of the application, any balance that is not expended of the escrow deposit shall be refunded to the Applicant.


The Board, with the consent Council, may designate a Township employee, such as the Zoning Officer, to implement these provisions.

Extension of Approved Zoning Order


We are not responsible for errors or omissions. Hard copies are available in the Township Office or call 610-565-4944 with any questions regarding the fee schedule.