Bulk Waste

Limit one bulk item per week on your second refuse collection day. 

Accepted Bulk Item Examples: 

  • bicycles, 
  • carpeting (up to 12×12 size, rolled/cut), 
  • indoor and outdoor furniture, 
  • grills (must remove propane tanks), 
  • microwaves, 
  • mirrors (must be wrapped in plastic or taped), 
  • push-mowers (must empty liquids), 
  • vacuum cleaners.

Prohibited Bulk Item Examples: 

  • construction debris, 
  • covered electronics (computers, TVs, etc.), 
  • hazardous waste (including but not limited to; chemicals, freon items, liquid paints, tires), 
  • metal appliances. 

As a full-service waste hauler, we offer our Special Pick-up Department for the removal of these items. For questions, please call A.J. Blosenski at 610-942-2707.

Bulk Waste Items with CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon or Freon)

Appliances containing CFC such as refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers check with A. J. Blosenski for rates and to schedule a pickup. Because these items contain Freon, you just can't throw them out with your regular trash.
Residents may make separate arrangements for disposal as long as it is done in accordance with the 1990 Clean Air Act

H & R Trucking located in Woodlyn, PA, will remove freon and dispose of the appliance for a fee. Please call 610-833-2836 for more information. 

Bulk Waste Schedule

Bulk waste permits one item a week. Providence Road is the dividing line.

A - West Side of  Providence Road

  • Refuse - Tuesday and Friday
  • Bulk - Friday
  • Recyclables - one a week

A1 - West Side of Providence Road

  • North of Route 1 - Recycles Tuesday

A2 - West Side of Providence Road

  • South of Route 1 - Friday
B - East Side of Township 

  • Refuse - Monday and Thursday
  • Bulk - Thursday
  • Recyclables: once a week

B3 - East Side of Providence Road

  • North of Sandy Bank Road, including Sandy Bank Road and Greenhill Road - Recycles Monday

B4 - East side of Providence Road

  • South of Sandy Bank Road excludes Sandy Bank Road and Greenhill Road - Thursday