Boards, Commissions, Committees & Authority Vacancies

  • Recreation Board (7 Members): 4-Year Term

    • 1 Vacancy, 3rd District starting 12/31/22
    • 1 first term ending, 1st District 12/31/22
    • One position must be from the 3rd District
  • Sewer Authority (7 Members): 5-Year Term

    • No vacancies
  • Environmental Commission (5 Members): 4-Year Term (1 Alternate -3 Year Term)

    • No vacancies
  • Zoning Hearing Board (5 Members): 5-Year Term

    • 1 First term ending, 3rd District starting 12/31/22
  • Planning Commission (7 Members): 4-Year Term

    • 1 Vacancy - any District - Now
    • 1 first term ending 12/31/22 - 3rd District
    • 1 filling term ending 12/31/22 - 4th District 
    • One position must be from the 3rd District
  • Ethics Commission (5 Members): 2-Year Term

    • 5 terms expiring 12/31/22, need 1 from each District

Volunteers can serve for two consecutive terms

Apply to Volunteer

Apply using the form below. Applicants must be Upper Providence Township residents.  You may also submit a resume with the specific Board(s) you may be interested in serving on by emailing your resume to Don Vymazal, Township Manager, and Kimberley McCloskey, Administrative Assistant, or send a letter of interest to:

Upper Providence Township
935 N Providence Road
Media, PA 19063 

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    Boards, Commissions, Committees & Authority Vacancies

    Upper Providence Township currently has vacancies on some of our Boards, Committees, Commissions and Authorities.  

    Township Boards, Commissions, Committees and Authorities are responsible for advising the Board of Supervisors on many topics and volunteers are needed.  If you are interested, please complete the form below. 

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