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  1. Upper Providence Township Resident of the Year Contest!

    There are some truly amazing individuals who call Upper Providence Township Home! 

    We all know that one person who simply goes above and beyond to give back.  Someone who makes a true difference in the community and helps make Upper Providence Township unique and a special place to live.  Upper Providence Township would like to recognize this person for their dedication and commitment to others by celebrating them at Community Day on September 17th in Rose Tree Park.

    Here’s how you can give back to someone who always gives the most - nominate this community driven individual for the 2022 Resident of the Year Award!

    The process is simple, you simply must complete the brief nomination form located below and the Resident of the Year Awards will be announced at the township Community Day on September 17th at Rose Tree Park! 

    There are four categories and we all give back in our own way, unique to our own abilities.  Simply describe how this individual or organization has made a difference in Upper Providence Township.  

    • Junior Resident of the Year (under 18)
    • Resident of the Year (18-64)
    • Experienced Resident of the Year (65+)
    • Business of the Year

    We know Upper Providence Township is only as special as the individuals step forward to make a difference and we hope to honor some truly spectacular individuals on September 17th in Rose Tree Park!

  2. The person or business you are nominating MUST reside in Upper Providence Township

  3. Please be as specific as possible: What has this person/business done to make a difference in our community? How have they contributed to an overall sense of community in Upper Providence Township?

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