Redistricting Statute and Regulations

Following the results of the 2020 Federal census, Upper Providence Township Council recognized the need for reapportionment of municipal districts to ensure equal and fair access to elected representation.  Upon review, it was determined the following statutory requirements were applicable:

Home Rule and Optional Plan Government

§ 2941. Procedure for amendment of charter or optional plan

(e) Subsequent apportionment – For any municipality, including a municipality with a mayor, a subsequent apportionment shall be under Chapter 9 (related to municipal reapportionment).

Title 53, Chapter 9. – Municipal Reapportionment

 § 903. Reapportionment by governing body.

(a)  General rule.--Within the year following that in which the Federal census, decennial or special, is officially and finally reported and at such other times as the governing body deems necessary, each entity having a governing body not entirely elected at large shall be reapportioned into districts by its governing body. The governing body shall number the districts. 

(b)  Composition of districts.--Districts shall be composed of compact and contiguous territory as nearly equal in population as practicable as officially and finally reported in the most recent Federal census, decennial or special. 

Under the Upper Providence Township Home Rule Charter, Article III Township Council, the following is identified: 

Section 3.03 Composition 

The Township Council shall consist of five members. Each Council member shall represent one voting district of the Township. If in fact the voting boundaries are changed in accordance with the provisions set forth by law, it is the intent of this Charter that the number of districts remain at five and the number of Council Members remain at five. Each of the five Council members shall be nominated and elected by the registered electors of his district. 

Section 12.05 Voting Districts 

The Township shall divide its electorate into five voting districts which shall be even in number of electors as practicable. If general law mandates the establishment of an alternate number of districts, the number of election districts shall in all cases be an odd number. 

Any agreed upon changes to district boundaries would require adoption by Upper Providence Township Council through ordinance and follow established procedures associated with Ordinance adoption set forth in the Home Rule Charter.