Will A. J. Blosenski pick up my old computer, TV and related components?

You may call A. J. Blosenski to make arrangements (for a fee) to have your TV picked up. Call them at 610-942-2707 to inquire. The Landfill Disposal Ban went into effect January 24, 2013. This means that no person may dispose of these devices or related components with their regular trash these items must be must be properly recycled. Here are some suggestions: - Some Best Buy locations will take TVs and monitors up to 32" along with DVD, CD players and most small electronics excluding microwaves It is best to call first. - Salvation Army at 66 Chester Pike in Darby will accept WORKING TVs of all sizes. -  Some Staples Stores will accept computers, NO monitors or TV's. It is best to call first. 

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4. Will A. J. Blosenski pick up my old computer, TV and related components?
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