Will my taxes increase when sewers are installed?
Many people do not understand the relationship between the Sewer Authority and the Township Government. The Sewer Authority and the Township Government are two separate and distinct entities. The Township Council created the Authority years ago to build, manage, and maintain the public sewers in our Township. The operation of the sewer system is paid for entirely by sewer rates paid by the users of the system. No tax dollars are used for the operation of the Authority.

Unlike the Township Council members who are elected to office, the seven Sewer Authority Board members are volunteers who are appointed by the Township Council. The Council tries to select people from each district in our Township so that all areas of the Township are represented on the Sewer Authority Board. While by State law the Sewer Authority Board has specific authority to conduct the business of building, operating and maintaining the sewer system, the Authority does work with Township Council for the benefit of our community.

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1. The letter I just received is the first I have heard of new sewers. Why weren’t we kept informed?
2. The Authority claims that part of the reason for this project is, “to help protect our environment.” Isn’t it true that a septic system poses no more danger than public sewage treatment facilities?
3. Doesn’t the Authority know that there is a recession and this project will be difficult for many to afford?
4. How can the Sewer Authority force residents to connect if their current system is working fine and they don’t want to?
5. Why is Mr. Donze doing this?
6. Has there been any provision for public comment on the plan?
7. I do not share the Sewer Authority’s contention that a central sewer system is better for the local ecology; I have read far too many stories of such systems causing terrible problems.
8. Why are you installing a low-pressure system (LPSS) versus a gravity system?
9. What type of pump will be installed?
10. How much will the pump cost me?
11. Will financing be available?
12. Who will be responsible for operation and maintenance of the pump?
13. Where will the pump be located?
14. How much power will the pump use?
15. What will happen to my pump during power outages?
16. How will I know if there is a problem with my pump and whom would I call if I do experience problems?
17. What do I need to do with my existing septic system?
18. Will you be disturbing my property (ex: driveways, landscaping) during the installation of the system?
19. Will there be any odors associated with the pump?
20. What will the pump look like when it is installed?
21. Will I be able to use my existing basement-plumbing configuration?
22. What type of power will be required for the installation of the pump?
23. Will my taxes increase when sewers are installed?